Pure Xtasy

The Definitive GirlFriend Experience in London
My name is Xenia. What I provide is something that no other escort I have met can accomplish: that ability to make you entirely forget yourself and believe that, however briefly, you are in the company of your very own girlfriend.

How do I do this? Easy. I pay attention to your needs. I anticipate them and I fulfill them... all of them. You see, I am a student of human behaviour. And human sexuality in particular. To me it is like an infinite dance and I crave to carve new patterns in the floor of romance. For the last several years I have been sharpening my skills as an escort. Paying attention to what different men want - even if they don't know it consciously - and giving it to them before they have to ask. That is what makes me a special escort and it is why I consider myself elite and unique. 

My Escort Services
Un-rushed, unbelievable and unrivaled. My services are for the gentlemen who are looking for the complete courtesan experience.  My preferred method of seeing clients is to meet first in person and in public to chat for a while to see if we are a good fit - chances are we will be because I'm very open to most people. This is to ensure that you and I have some chemistry and that the time we spend together will be worthwhile for both parties. Please, if we haven't met before, don't try to negotiate past this stage. It is very important to me and I believe, will save time in the long run. The majority of my clients are regulars because we took the time to get to know each other a little before jumping to the... you know what. 

New Service: Duo Dates 
It's finally happened: I broke my Lesbian cherry in London. I'm very picky about hooking up with women and actually prefer men, but when a sexy lady comes along and we have chemistry... who am I to turn down an earth shattering oral induced orgasm, lol. I met just such a woman at my yoga class. She is English, born in London and has the cutest accent and the best tongue in Mayfair. We didn't know that we were both escorts and just became friends naturally. After a few drinks one night it came out that we both loved sex and worded as escorts in town and after that we got super frisky and it wasn't long before her face was buried in my pussy and I was screaming in passion. When she came up for air she suggested that we would make a great duo team and there you have it. I have a perfect English lady - classy and naughty - who I'm genuinely attracted to. She works at a well regarded escort agency and is one of the top reviewed British Escorts on C69, you can drool over her pics here and if you'd like to have both of us at your mercy don't hesitate to email me and book us today. 

Brand New Girlfriend for Duo's only Until January 2016! 
Being an escort you get to meet so many fascinating people from all over the world. My latest international playmate is here in London all the way from Colombia. She is easily one of the most sought after escorts in Bogota with tons of reviews and great feedback. A very naughty girl indeed and she'll be staying with me all this month into early January. We've already done a couple duo dates together and I'm positive those guys are still in state of disbelief about how amazing their experience was. To book us both for an extra special holiday treat, just email me today. 

New Incall Location in Kensington
I'm so happy to announce that I have a fabulous new flat in West Kensington for incalls! I don't know how, but the architects of this place seemed to have designed it specifically for escorts. The sound proofing is immaculate - I'm a bit of a screamer and I haven't gotten one complaint from my neighbors. Speaking of neighbors, it turns out that another escort lives upstairs and across the hall from me. I met her the other day while doing laundry. We both had our assortment of panties out and noticed eachother's. After a brief moment of awkwardness we broke into giggling when it was obvious that the two of us were both high class working ladies. We've become good friends in the intervening week and I must say, she's rather hot. Who knows, maybe I'll start offering duo escort dates soon. 

My new place is literally a stones throw from the Chelsea Gardens tube stop. It's secluded but in the middle of everything at the same time so you never have to worry about parking, transportation or anything really.